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LG Mobile Redesign

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Bringing mobile first and m-commerce into the future with strategy, creative thinking and user validation.

The Challenge

LG’s mobile website consisted of a sub-optimal experience that had high bounce rates and left users unable to complete any significant tasks. Based on known user behaviors, there were gaps in showrooming support, commerce and the ability to find products in different ways.


U.S. Consumers Shop on a Smartphone

The Old Design

LG’s previous design was based on older design patterns that were not optimized for mobile use. The use of small buttons and links that were not fat finger friendly, confusing tabbed navigation and unintuitive UI left many issues that needed to be resolved.

The Solution

We spent over a month in Discovery, conducting industry research, reviewing metrics and analyzing both the LG site and competitors and comparators to be devise a strategy that would resonate with users and push the LG brand forward. One of the keys to our process was usability testing at key points within the design process. Synthesizing direct user feedback gave us confidence in our decision making and resulted in general consensus from the client side.

A review of the mobile landscape for best in class examples of consumer experience lead the team to a cross-roads. Leveraging the Kano model, we had to decide how much effort we were willing to put in to devise an experience that would not only meet, but exceed user expectations.

Our Definition Phase consisted of creating wireframes and prototypes for both Phone and Tablet. Thinking of design in a responsive way allowed us to leverage similar content blogs and design patterns between devices.

Usability Testing

Usability testing

Usability testing was a core part of the process for the LG Mobile Redesign. We leveraged our nationwide network of facilities to recruit and test our concepts with users who reflected the target market for LG. After multiple days of interviews and observation, we provided a readout with qualitative and quantitative feedback that helped inform our design decisions.

8 Month Project

Our designs beat out the designs of other agencies with overall feedback from users saying that Orbtec’s designs and UI were clean, modern, and had a premium feel. 85% of users preferred our designs over any other work presented to them.

Our modular approach to content gives LG the ability to update and change content based on user needs, seasonal marketing, new product launches and campaigns that they may be running at anytime.

The tablet designs leveraged mobile design patterns and were designed with slightly different user behaviors in mind. Our research showed that LG shoppers on a tablet were looking more for a browsing and shopping experience as opposed to a directed product information seeking task. For this reason we took inspiration from flippping through a magazine and used this idea in our tablet concept.


User liked the iPad Design

The Result

Having user validation and evidence of successful task completion along with high scores on brand perception based on our designs resulted in work that was well received by all audiences. This new version of the site will be the first to include mcommerce. We were excited to work with LG and introduce new feature sets and ideas that will help improve their mobile presence and support an increase is mobile sales. The site is under construction now and will launch Spring / Summer of 2015.


Of users were able to find products more easily based on the new design

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