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Mass Mutual was in the early to middle stages of a rebrand when they tapped us for some fresh digital creative thinking.

The Challenge

Mass Mutual was working with a different branding company to help them with their high level corporate brand. We were brought in to help them and the Mass Mutual team refine those ideas and execute designs that worked for Mass Mutual’s digital properties into the future.

Setting the Mood

We often use moodboards with out clients to discover the brand, tone and style that resonates best with them and their customers. Our moodbards with Mass Mutual consisted of variations of colors, fonts, imagery and themes that were designed toc ompell. Decisions made by the stakeholders informed the design decisions we made later in the project.

The Solution

After weeks of exploration we landed in a place where our concepts started resonating with the MM management team. The following homepage was approved and was the first version of the Homepage to launch under the New Mass Mutual Brand. Thanking had been done in the UI to design a clean and easy to use navigation and provide pathways into the most important content areas of the new site.

Responsive homepage design


Increase in Homepage Interaction

More Than Just a Pretty Face

We didnt just create an awesome homepage, we also worked on many of the designs under hood, creating a visual language and style for the product pages and site utilities like the site calculators and B2B content.

Category Page for Life Insurance

Our recommendations for the calculator tools included natural language forms to make input tasks less daunting.

We designed a dashboard with help from the UX Team that was scalable and had the right information in the right place for different customer types with different products and plans.


Sometimes its better to let the clients tell you the results of our work.

The Orbtec team provided us with best in class Creative Direction and User Experience Support - their ideas and visual direction were smart and forward thinking. They were collaborative team players and helped us make our rebrand and relaunch a real success.

Sharleen S. - Sharleen S.
VP, Digital & Mobile at MassMutual

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