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McDelivery Redesign
Mobile & Desktop

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Revolutionizing McDonalds ordering process for all of East Asia. An exercise in simplicity.

The Challenge

In Asia McDonalds delivers to your home or office. McDelivery (™) Web Ordering Service was losing $20M in potential transactions per year due to the cumbersome, sub-optimal user experience of its online ordering site. McDonalds needed to re-engineer their UX and design for a smarter, more intuitive and more versatile design. The goal was to help McDonalds offer an improved digital ordering service and recapture those lost potential revenues.

The Old Design

The previous McDelivery design did not have clear calls to action or establish a hierarchy of content or information. The dark color pallete and small product imagery did not create an appetizing experience.

The Solution

We used a collection of insights ranging from reviewing site analytics to consumer research to employee and consumer interviews and observation to inform our work. Competitive and comparative research helped us gain the background knowledge we needed for product nuance and cultural sensitivities. Our UI, UX and Design exploratories led us to a design that we knew would work well across international markets.

For mobile we overhauled the old UI and replaced it with a design that established primary and secondary actions. Sound form design is absolutely critical for conversion on mobile; for that reason we combed through every page, optimized the flow and revamped areas for input and browsing.

We also de-prioritized the admin details such as profile settings, address management and other utility navigation and brought the menu and food items to the surface as these were previously buried under a navigation panel. This established a firm mental model of order first, then checkout.


Weeks to design

The overall project lasted about 3.5 months. We spent alot of time doing research to ensure that we understood the marketplace in detail, we also wanted to get into the mind of the consumer. The up-front time working in Discovery and Definition meant that our Design Team hit the ground running very early on in the process. Our collaborative work approach allowed us to explore visual styles and design ideas before Definition was complete.

On product detail pages we made the product the hero! Customization and other options were suppressed and made available via a single tap. Using progressive disclosure allowed us to create a clean interface that was also visually appealing.


Country Roll-Out

International markets meant that we had to be aware of nuances in food items and customization options. Differences in the length of words, characters and instructions, we had to accommodate for it all! We established a visual library and set of iconography that would work for all markets. Our modular design approach also meant that elements could be changed and swapped out to accommodate for a specific market’s need.

Desktop Homepage

Desktop Homepage

Desktop Menu Page

Desktop Menu Page

Desktop Order Configurator

Desktop Order Configurator

The result

The new McDelivery platform has rolled out to a collection of countries accross Asia Pacific as well as the Middle East and Africa. The new McDelivery platform has become one of the most popular ordering systems in the APAC region. In China alone, site traffic and repeat visits rose within months of the initial rollout. This success is coupled with seeing overall improvements in conversion and checkout value across all regions.


Increase in total digital
orders in Q4, 2014


Growth rate over the same
period – fastest across all
McDonald's ordering channels

Increase in conversion rates




Mobile Web


Native App

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